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5 Proven Tactics To Build Your Social Media Following

Are you curious about how social media megastars build up their following? After all, you probably want to be a business influencer yourself.

Ultimately, an influencer with a strong social media following is someone who the fans and followers go-to for inspiration and knowledge in a certain subject area. They motivate and provide expertise.

You want to find out how they do it, so you can build your own massive following? In this article, you can learn five tactics that some of the top social media influencers use online to get massive followings.

1. Utilize Tools and Software.

Most people with hundreds of thousands of followers didn’t amass such a following simply by spending hours after hours on different platforms.

Instead, they’ve researched and found tools and/or software that will help them grow their followings. There are two main areas of focus for tools in social media, and they both deal with automation or analytics.

Analytics are huge as it allows a user like you to get stats about your different social media accounts. Receiving stats shows when you should be posting, which posts get the most shares, and what kinds of posts elicit the most positive response from your audience.

2. Network with Influencers.

One of the most effective ways to gain a massive social media following is by connecting with influencers you follow or admire.

By commenting on their posts, sharing their tweets, and engaging them in the conversation online, you are bound to get more eyeballs on your stuff.

Think of it this way. In order to get noticed, you need to network with the right people online. Pick 3-5 influencers and engage with their content. Write comments, engage in their community, and don’t be afraid to ask them questions.

3. Create Your Own Videos.

When it comes to the following someone online, people like to put a face to a name. Influencers who utilize video are showing their followers that they are human and not some robot.

People like following other people. Even more, they like following people who are both real and similar to them.

If you want to gain a massive social media following online, start utilizing different platforms by posting videos.

4. Be Consistent.

Every tactic up until this point is useless unless you implement consistency. All the most iconic triumphs in life require consistency.

Whether that’s becoming a professional athlete, studying to become a doctor, or building your business, you need to practice and improve every day if you want the results you seek.

The same can be said for growing your social media following. You need to post consistently on the networks that mean the most to you.

5. Get Noticed by Blogging.

Something that is often overlooked when it comes to building a social media following is blogging.

Everyone thinks you just need to put out awesome content and the followers will come. One way to really kickstart this is through blogging on your own website but also by becoming a contributor on other platforms.

Now that you have 5 solid tactics to boost your social media following, it’s up to you to implement them. Don’t wait until tomorrow, start implementing a couple of the tactics mentioned above right now.

The most successful people running fast-growing companies agree that these five tactics are crucial to growing your social media following.

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by Bhavik Sarkhedi